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Ayurvedic Capsule

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Dr.Soni Acai Berry Capsule

Acai berries are a Brazilian superfruit.Theyre native to the Amazon region where theyre a staple food.However, theyve recently gained popularity globally and are praised for being particularly beneficial to health and well-being.This dark purple fruit certainly packs a lot of nutrition, and it may even have some health benefits, including the 5 described in this article.Anthocyanins have been observed to engage in anticarcinogenic activities, although the exact mechanisms are unknown. Laboratory studies using a variety of cancer cells have indicated that anthocyanins: act as antioxidants activate detoxifying enzymes prevent cancer cell proliferation induce cancer cell death have anti-inflammatory effects inhibit some of the beginning of the formation of tumors prevent cancer cell invasion

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Dr Soni Giloy Capsule

Price: 360.00 INR

GILOY are also Benefical In liver Diseases,Giloy Leaves reduce Bilirubin level & Help In Hepatitis,Fever, Typhoid Fever, Gout, Diabetes, Asthma, Memory Loss, Ulcer Constipation, Rejuventive, Immunity Enhancer,Anti-inflammatory, Adaptogen, Cancer,etc.